1. Puss in Boots

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Before passing away, the father of three sons asks them to share his belongings. The oldest receives the mill, the second receives the donkey and the youngest inherits… the cat!

Little does he know that this cat is about to make his fortune. Mister Puss asks only for one condition; his master has to offer him a pair of boots.

From now on the life of our two friends is about to change. Mister Puss befriends the king by offering him some of his hunting booty. He then proposes to introduce his master, who he has now renamed: the Marquis de Carabas to the king and his daughter Isabella.

Who thought it could be an obstacle? Certainly not Mister Puss who can resolve any problem. Mr Puss you are definitely a very clever cat!


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Puppet Show Details

Traditional Craft

The shows are especially crafted for school students learning a new language. The stories are based on original tales that we adapt for puppetry. Our traditional characters and stories give the students an opportunity to enjoy and understand the diversity of cultures around the world.

Audiences & Venues

Primary Schools (all levels)
Secondary Schools year 7 and 8

At your School: in a theatre, a library, an auditorium, a hall,a gymnasium, a double class room, or in an open area.


AU$8.90 +GST per student
Booking Prices*
Minimum booking cost per show: $979.00 +GST
For audiences over 110 students: $8.90 +GST per student.

*A travel fee applies for country areas

Special Occasions:

Birthdays, Fetes, Private Functions, Libraries
Social Clubs – please contact us with details.
Festivals – price is available on request.