Who do you perform for?

Schools – Pre-school, Primary and High Schools (Year 7-8)
The shows are adapted for all age groups.
Private Functions, Fetes and Fairs, Birthdays & Special occasions.

How long does it take to set up, perform and dismantle?

  • 1 hour to put up the theatre
  • 1 hour show (50min show + 10min question time)
  • 45min to dismantle the theatre

What do you need for the show?

We require you to organise and ensure before the setting up that there are: 

  • 3 tables & 3 chairs,
  • access to a power point, and 
  • a white board or dividing screen.

Do you provide class resources?

Class preparation material can simply be viewed online or downloaded from each show. These resources are provided to help teachers and students to get the most out of our shows.